Client Testimonials

What others are saying about Carol’s Transformational sessions:

I’d been looking for work for over a year and I wasn’t getting many interview requests because I’m in my mid-fifties and overqualified for many of the jobs. I was very stressed out over my finances and worried about my financial future. I booked an ASH session with Carol and during the session began to feel more relaxed and less stressed. At the end of the session, she told me she “heard” a phone ringing and to not be surprised if I got a call for an interview soon. Literally, within 30 minutes, I received a phone call with a request for an interview. This position turned out to be my dream job and, after a course of interviews, I was hired. Because I’d never done anything like this before, I am still stunned at the results. Thank you so much for helping me!  – L.B., Washington

My husband and I had been in a rocky patch in our relationship for over a year. I didn’t know if we’d make it. After one ASH session with Carol, working on my half of the relationship, my husband and I began having a real conversation about our issues. We are working things out and happier with each other than we’ve been in years. Thank you, Carol!  – E.S., Singapore

Carol Fawcett’s private sessions are priceless. There are hardly words to describe the uplifting feeling you get after a session. She was instrumental in shifting energies and solving problems relating to my business. It was through her simple techniques and suggestions, clearing of energy, and by simply navigating a little differently, that my business problems were solved.

Sometimes in life we come across very toxic relationships and Carol has helped guide me in avoiding and handling these situations in a much more productive and healthy manner.

I would highly recommend Carol as a consultant to help your business grow and prosper. Her insight is amazing and an invaluable tool in dealing with life’s daily challenges.
E.H., Hawaii

I am overwhelmed and overjoyed at the amazing changes you have helped bring about in my life in our hour sessions. You have helped change my workplace from unbearable to the best environment it could be, energized with love and joy and fun. The whole atmosphere changed within three days after only 10 minutes of your time!

My mother got in touch with me for the first time in 25 years. I couldn’t believe it as I picked up my mobile and heard her voice, it was earth shattering for me, really. I can’t tell you how you have helped me clear up my life. I have gone from zero to hero in under 3 months!
T.R., London

After working with Carol, our business income went up by 20% (over $20,000) in just one month! Thank you!
E.M., Boston

I wrote a PhD dissertation on alternative healing and intuitive practitioners.  Carol was one of the two top practitioners I studied.  It appears that the world is not solid, as we experience it, but rather it is composed of energy and information. Carol is one of those extremely talented individuals who can see this energy and information and selectively modify or correct it.  And this is important because if an individual is experiencing difficulties, there may be an anomaly within the individual – what we would call sickness – or the problem may be between the individual and their environment – what we would call cultural dissonance.  Carol can see the energy in an extremely wide picture, and can correct both kinds of disequilibrium.

Perhaps I could describe the result as a feeling of complete rightness.  Sometimes life is both effortless and frictionless.  This is called being in “flow” when used to describe a sports performance or a psychological state.  One naturally excels and feels united with the forces of nature.  Carol’s corrections lead one closer to a state of flow, and as such they feel “right” in ways that no other modality could create.

It is hard to believe that this state is the result of an intervention – it feels rather like something natural that just happened and is effortless. And this is why I value it so intensely: it returns a person to that state of health and harmony that everyone knows in their heart as what they want.  It does not re-mold you to someone else’s idea of perfection, but rather releases you from the forces that may be blocking your own idea of perfection.

I cannot recommend Carol highly enough.

Jos Marlowe, PhD

It was amazing to experience Carol’s transformational work on so many levels. I immediately sensed a shift in my physical body, followed by emotional lightness. This shift sensation continued for about ten minutes, and then I had a strange perception; as if metaphysical healing combinations were descending into my auric field and literally moving away old patterns and deep “soul issues”. I then “felt” organic, etheric energy scanning my system for “faults” or “knots” to unravel, and with that the presence of “beings” of light, perhaps my guardians, surveying and helping the procedure. I felt totally energized at that point, and my heart filled with love, which I just breathed into and let do its work. When the time was over, I literally bounced off the couch! Certainly, the experience was unique. It seemed as if Spirit, such an ethereal, invisible force by all accounts, was actually manifesting physically and sustaining/working in synchrony with my body as well as my soul! Extraordinary!
J.D.S., Italy