Carol’s transformational sessions are offered anywhere in the world via phone or Skype.

In these sessions we explore and transform the patterns that have been keeping you stuck from moving into your full potential. You will learn simple tools and techniques that will empower you to shift and transform emotional patterns, states, and experiences.

These sessions are cooperative and meant to empower you to make ongoing changes in your life and to become empowered and responsible in creating your own reality.

Some of the areas you might explore include, but are not limited to:

  • Release of emotional patterns, limiting beliefs, and experiences
  • Opening to abundant awareness and financial manifestations
  • Relationships, families, children, and pets
  • Business and project development
  • Shamanic work
  • Expanding your creative abilities

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What to Expect:

Every client and every session is unique. Though you may experience certain feelings or sensations, please remember it is best to have no expectations. If you’re focusing on a certain, specific result you may miss out on so much more. Before each session, I ask that you let go, enjoy, and be open to whatever shows up.

Having said this, others have experienced some of the following before, during, or after a session:

  • Increased intuition
  • A feeling of expansion in body, mind, spirit
  • Heart opening
  • An awareness of sacred space
  • Release of stored emotions
  • Uncontrollable laughter, bliss, joy, and/or tears
  • Sensations in body such as heat/cold
  • A deep sense of peace and relaxation
  • Renewal, clarity, mental sharpness
  • Physical or spiritual alignment
  • Awareness of your own, unique purpose
  • Increase in abundance or finances
  • Communion with dolphins or other life forms



The information contained herein reflects only the opinion of the author. In no way is it to be considered medical or other advice. If you have a medical or psychological issue, please consult with a qualified health care practitioner.